3D Render Test #2 – Pool House

3D Render Test #2 – Pool House

Hello and welcome back to another blog post.

The last week I was working on my second visualization project. The reason I chose an outdoor scene by sunset was to get a better understanding of V-Ray lights.
For texturing the concrete blocks I used a mix of V-Ray blend and dirt maps. In case you are interested here is a screenshot of one of the concrete materials setup.

Concrete Material

After the rendering I added some glow effects to the lights, tweaked the reflections and added some trees in the Background.
I played a bit with the curve adjustments in Photoshop and tried to find a nice color balance.

I also added a wire frame render again so you get a better idea of the 3D model itself.

I hope you like the final result and will check back for my next project soon.
Thanks for stepping by and take care


Pool Hous Wire Frame

Pool Hous Final